Kementerian Sosial Mencari Suku Mante ?

Kementerian Sosial saat ini bertekad untuk mencari keberadaan Suku Mante. Menurut Menteri Sosial Khofifah Indar Parawansa, kementeriannya ingin melindungi ekosistem mereka jika ditemukan.
Sebab, menurut dia, pemerintah akan melindungi segenap warga negara Indonesia, tak terkecuali warga Suku Mante yang tinggal di pedalaman hutan dan gua di Aceh. Perlindungan ini mencakup habitat, ekosistem, dan kearifan lokalnya sehingga akar budaya mereka tidak hilang.
Hal ini disampaikan Mensos dalam Pertemuan Forum Koordinasi Pemberdayaan Komunitas Adat Terpencil Tahun 2017, yang membahas soal Suku Mante. Dalam pertemuan ini hadir sebagai pembicara Antropolog Universitas Indonesia Prof Budhisantoso, Antropolog Universitas Gajah Mada Prof. Dr. Sjafri Sairin, Kepala Dinas Sosial Provinsi Aceh Al Hudri, dan Fauzan Adhim, warga Aceh yang pernah berinteraksi dengan warga Suku Mante.   
"Tim kami juga tengah mengumpulkan hasil-hasil studi, kajian dan literatur tentang kondisi sosial budaya mereka untuk menentukan tindak lanjut yang akan dilakukan," papar Khofifah dalam siaran persnya, Sabtu (8/4/2017).
Dikatakan Khofifah, viralnya video salah seorang pengendara trail mengunggah seorang warga Suku Mante di tengah hutan baru-baru ini, menimbulkan beragam reaksi. Banyak orang ingin memburu dan mencari tahu hingga ke hutan-hutan di Aceh yang dikhawatirkan dapat mengganggu kehidupan warga Suku Mante.
Oleh karena itu, pihaknya telah meminta kepada Dinas Sosial Provinsi Aceh untuk memberikan pemahaman kepada masyarakat bahwa keberadaan suku ini harus dilindungi bersama-sama.
"Suku Mante ini sudah ada sejak lama dan mereka berada di hutan dan gua. Andaikan menemukan, jangan diburu atau ditakut-takuti. Karena mereka juga manusia, sama seperti kita," kata Khofifah.
Dari pengakuan seorang warga Aceh Tengah, Fauzan, ia mengaku pernah berinteraksi dengan salah seorang warga Suku Mante pada 2014. Saat itu ia bahkan ditolong dengan ditunjukkan arah yang benar saat tersesat di hutan. Caranya dengan menggoreskan kuku jari tangannya di tanah ke kanan, ke kiri, atau lurus untuk menunjukkan jalan keluar dari hutan.
"Pak Fauzan juga pernah menemukan warga Suku Mante berjenis kelamin perempuan yang meninggal di hutan karena tangannya tertusuk jebakan untuk badak. Saat itu beliau salatkan jenazah dan menguburkannya di hutan. Jadi benar adanya mereka tinggal di dalam hutan. Maka saya imbau kita lindungi mereka, jangan diburu," papar Khofifah.
Direktur Jenderal Pemberdayaan Sosial Hartono Laras mengungkapkan, berdasarkan laporan dari Dinas Sosial Provinsi Aceh, Suku Mante tersebar di 14 lokasi di Provinsi Aceh. Di antaranya di Kawasan Samarkilang Bener Meriah, Gunung Goh Pase Aceh Utara, Kaki Gunung Halimun Pidie, Hutan Pameu Aceh Tengah, Hutan Kappi Gayo Lues, dan lainnya.
Namun, kata Hartono, jumlah warga Suku Mante belum dapat dikonfirmasi secara pasti mengingat keberadaan mereka yang sulit terdeteksi.
"Lingkungan sekitar Suku Mante harus dijaga karena suku ini merupakan aset bangsa untuk dilestarikan. Bagi Kemensos, mereka adalah warga negara Indonesia dan harus kita berdayakan," tutup Khofifah.

18 software that will make money for you

 18 software that will make money for you
Your own phone and your wallet really are a lot more similar than you consider.

We found 18 software that will make you money. The many apps can be downloaded for free, and every has a strong user base to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

By taking surveys to stopping back and watching TV, here are often the apps that will put a bit cash in your pocket.

Generate income back with Ebates.
Ebates lets shoppers earn cash backside from over 1, 800 stores. When you shop in online retailer, go through Ebates to see that company’s procuring percentage.

The app furthermore allows you to use in-store coupon codes and gives price comparisons if you scan an item. Ebates has recently given back $250 million in order to its users.

Available On: iOS, Android mobile phone

Accumulate digital dollars using Swagbucks.

Users can be involved in up to nine different exercises, including watching videos, browsing on the web, and inputting swag codes, to earn Swagbucks - virtual money which might be redeemed in the form of gift cards, discount codes, and sweepstakes entries.

Located on: iOS, Android

Coupon clippers love Ibotta.
Before searching, unlock the day’s incentives on Ibotta by giving answers to a trivia question or maybe posting on social media. After that head to the store and acquire the items for the day’s incentives.

After checking out, hit Ibotta’s “redeem” button and go on a picture of your receipt to substantiate your purchases. Once you have 10 dollars or more in your account, you may cash out with PayPal or perhaps Venmo.

Available On: iOS, Operating system

Save money at the grocery store having Snap by Groupon.

Weekly, Snap by Groupon gives rebates on groceries. Click makes earning money simple. Go to the store, buy your items, in addition to take a picture of your sales receipt.

Once you have $20 in your profile, you can cash out. It doesn’t matter in which shop, and you get one money every time you refer a friend.

On: iOS, Android

Get money-back from Receipt Hog, regardless of or where you buy.

In case you take a picture of a invoice with Receipt Hog, a person earn coins. Coins produce money (1, 000 silver and gold coins equals about $5), which may be paid out through PayPal or even redeemed for gift cards.

While you submit more and more receipts, anyone unlock more ways to make dollars - like taking quick surveys, for example.

Available On: iOS, Android

Unlock your telephone screen to earn money together with Slidejoy.

When you install Slidejoy, you’ll have an ad as the phone’s lock screen track record. You can either ignore or even engage with the ad; no matter what, you earn the same amount at any time you unlock your phone.

Even though it won’t make you rich, end users typically take home an extra $5-15 a month.

Available On: Android

Receive money to get fit with Pact.

Individuals use Pact to entrust to working out and eating healthful. You pledge to work out a clear number of times, or have a certain number of healthy servings or vegetables per week. Dependant upon how many activities you give your word, you can earn up to $5 each week.

The catch: If you overlook a commitment, you’re fined $5, which motivates users to be on track. Pact has a 92% user success rate.

On: iOS, Android

App lovers can download App Trailers to make some extra cash.

Iphone app Trailers is the app which pays you every time you view a 30-second-long trailer for any app, or engage with selected apps. The more you enjoy, the more points you gather; points get converted into gift certificates, or can be cashed out there with PayPal.

Available On: iOS, Android

Viggle pays an individual for watching television and playing music.

Viggle wants to know very well what entertainment enthusiasts are viewing and listening to. When youre watching TV or to listening to audio, open the Viggle software so it can listen to and also identify the song or maybe show. For every song as well as show you engage with, you gain points that can be redeemed regarding gift cards, trips, or electronic products.

Available On: iOS, Android, Home windows

Inbox Dollars pays you tp utilize the internet.

Use the Inbox Cash app to take surveys, look at internet, and play games in trade for cash. Once you generate $30, you can request transaction and receive a check inside two weeks. Inbox Dollars features paid its users over $30 million, and even gives you $5 just for trying it out.

Found on: iOS, Android

Take studies with Surveys On The Go for just a quick buck.

Surveys Out and about offers surveys that fork out from $0. 25 to be able to $5 per survey. Often the survey data is acquired by companies, political activities, and market research firms. Research take just minutes, and you can spend with PayPal.

Available On: iOS, Android

Get the best value for your old books along with Bookscouter.

How many books do you have that you’ll never study again? Chances are, at least a couple of. Bookscouter takes your outdated books off your hands at a cut-throat price. Scan or the particular ISBN of your book, and also the app will find sites thinking about buying it. Bookscouter compares price ranges so you get the best deal.

After you pick a buyer, tell them best places to send payment, and deliver the book with the pay as you go shipping label, provided (usually) by the buyer.

Available On: iOS, Android

TaskRabbit helps you receive money for your skills.

“Taskers” utilize the TaskRabbit app and web site as a supplement to or even their main source of income to get purchased the things they’re good at carrying out.

Get approved to be a Tasker and set your hourly price - most usually start from $30 per hour - to complete careers like running errands, developing IKEA furniture, gift covering, driving, dog walking, or perhaps organizing. Those who need your own personal services will request a person through TaskRabbit.

Available On: iOS, Android

Field Agent as well as Gigwalk pay you to complete basic tasks.

Field Agent as well as Gigwalk pay you to complete modest tasks within your community. Several activities include going to an outlet and taking a picture of any product display, checking the tariff of an item, and filling out a brief survey after experiencing a brand new store. Both apps utilize PayPal to pay users.

Industry Agent Available On: iOS

Gigwalk Available On: iOS, Android

Grow to be one of Mobee’s mystery purchasers to earn points to rewards.

Mobee deploys unknown shoppers to its mate stores to browse along with report their shopping practical experience back to Mobee. The mate stores use the reports to enhance their practices.

Within twenty four hours of your mystery shopping assignment, you will be awarded points good quality of your report. You are able to trade your points intended for cash, gift cards, or occasion tickets.

Available On: iOS, Android mobile phone

Rewardable gives you cash in alternate for quick jobs.

Rewardable lets you sign up for tasks in which take 5-15 minutes as well as pay up to $20. The duties range from checking inventory to be able to comparing prices at neighborhood stores. When you want to dollars, out hit “withdraw” along with the money gets transferred to your own personal PayPal account.

Available On: iOS, Android

Sign up for Easy Change assignments.

Like other task-oriented apps, EasyShift also compensates you for doing straightforward tasks at stores in your area, like checking prices in addition to store displays.

As you total more assignments, more and more higher-paying tasks become available to you. Obligations are sent to you within just 48 hours using PayPal.

Available On: iOS, Android

Apa yang dimaksud dengan Distikon

Apa yang dimaksud dengan Distikon
Distikon adalah salah satu puisi baru 2 seuntai. 2 seuntai maksudnya adalah puisi yang tiap bait mempunyai 2 baris yang pada umumnya sajaknya pun sama. Menjadi itulah pengertian dari distikon.

Contoh :
Berkali kita gagal
Ulangi lagi dan cari akal

Berkali-kali kita jatuh
Kembali berdiri jangan mengeluh
(Or. Mandank)

Apa yang dimaksud dengan Balada

Apa yang dimaksud dengan Balada
Balada adalah adalah sajak simple yang menceritakan cerita rakyat yang mengharukan, dimana terkadang dinyanyikan dan disajikan dalam bentuk dialog. Balada = sajak berisi cerita rakyat yang mengharukan.

Berdasarkan KBBI (kamus besar bahasa indonesia)

Balada/ba·la·da/ n Sas/ sajak sederhana yang mengisahkan cerita rakyat yang mengharukan, kadang-kadang dinyanyikan, kadang-kadang berupa dialog.

Contoh balada:

“Balada Nabi Ibrahim AS Serta Raja Namrud”. Dalam balada tersebut dikisahkan bahwa Nabi Ibrahim AS berdakwah tuk menegakkan kebenaran tentang hadirnya Tuhan YME dan beliau tidak mau mematuhi perintah Raja Namrud untuk menghentikan misi dakwahnya.

Bahkan Nabi Ibrahim AS malah menghancurkan berhala-berhala (patung-patung sesembahan) Cisura Namrud beserta para pengikutnya. Raja Namrud pun murka. Ibrahin AS ditangkap serta dijatuhi hukuman bakar hidup-hidup. Berkat kuasa Allah SWT, Nabi Ibrahim AS bukannya mati terbakar tetapi bahkan malah menggigil kedinginan.

Tersebut adalah contoh balada.